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Auto tour to Ugam-Chatcal National Park

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Region: Ugam-Chatcal national park, Western Tien-Shan, Uzbekistan
Duration: 1 day
Season: March-November
Tour type: auto
Vehicle type: LADA NIVA 4х4
Total length of the route: 240 km 

Route: Tashkent - Ugam-Chatcal national park - Tashkent

Highlights: This tour is developed for those who would like to enjoy the nature of the mountains of Ugam-Chatcal national park and to get information about the region. During the tour an experienced guide tells about the geography, history, flora and fauna of the national park, and people living in the mountains.  The route passes through the different picturesque landscapes. The sightseeing includes a visiting of the mountain lake Charvak, rivers Chatcal, Koksu and Pskem flowing into the lake, grotto Khodjikent with petroglyphs, mountain villages Burchmullo and Boguston, the mausoleum of Sheikh Umar Vali Bogustoni who was the founder of dynasty of Sufic teachers, as well as many other interesting places. 


09:00-10:30 – transfer Tashkent - Ugam-Chatcal national park (65 km);

10:30-10:45 – sightseeing the petroglyphs of grotto Khodjikent;

10:45-11:00 – driving to Charvak lake;

11:00-12:30 - sightseeing tour round Charvak lake, visiting the mausoleum of Sheikh Umar Vali Bogustoni;

12:30 - visiting a mountain village Burchmullo;

13:00-14:00 - lunch in Chimgan's guest house;

15:00-16:30 -  visiting of Beldersay gorge, lifting on the chair cable lift to the top of the Mt. Kumbel (2000 m);

16:30-18:00 – transfer to Tashkent;

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Useful info:


Clothing required:

1. trekking boots;
2. trekking trousers;
3. T-shirt;
5. cap.

Sun protection:

1. sun block cream and sun glasses.