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Bazaars of Uzbekistan

Tashkent bazaars         

      Bazaar is colourful and noisy entertainment, a place where desks are full of various goods in abundance, vendors are inviting with cheerful exclamations and you have no chance to pass by them.

      Tourists are attracted on its specific atmosphere, flavours of all sorts’ of spices and various toasted flat breads, delicious smell of local fruit, noise of hot discussion between sellers and buyers – because at the market the price is always negotiable.

      In fact, a Persian word “bazaar” means – market, place with multiple prices. Enclosure trading site for selling and/or changing goods – it is bazaar.

      Enormous piles of melons and water melons, carcass meat and fresh fish; amber coloured dried fruit, different kinds of nuts and pistachios; pomegranates, persimmons and figs and many other products, you didn’t have knowledge about. 




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