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Horseback riding in Nurota mountains


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Round Nurota nature reserve to Aydarkul lake.

Type of travel: horseback riding
Region: Kyzylkum-Nurota nature reserve, Nurota mountain range, Uzbekistan
The best season: May – October
Tour duration: 7 days/6 nights
Total length of horseback riding route: 100 km.

Itinerary:       Tashkent – Nurota mountain range, Safarota village, (1000m.) – Parandoz mountain (1550m.) – Khayatboshi mountain (2165m.) – Fazylman mountain lake (1600m.) – Sentob village (490m.) – Aydarkul lake, Kyzylkum desert (250m) - Tashkent 

Tour program

Day 1
Transfer from Tashkent via small town Yangikishlok to the mountain village Safarota (L=290km, H=1000m). Arrival to Safarota village. Lunch. Instructions and preparation to the horseback riding. Beginning of the horseback riding. Pass over the mountain range Nurotau (H=1550m) to the mountain river. Camp #1 on the bank of the mountain river (L=10km, H=1350m).

Day 2
Horseback riding by the undulating land of  the mountain range Nurotau, along the border of Nurota nature reserve, to the peaks of the mountains Beshbarmak and Parandoz. There are beautiful panoramas of the mountain gorges and valleys to the both sides of the range. Descent from the mountain Patandaz by south slopes of the range to the small mountain river. Camp #2 (L=15km, H=1550m).

Day 3
Horseback riding across the mountain range to the highest point - peak Khayatboshi (H=2165m). There is a nice panoramic view from the mountain Khayatboshi to the Aydarkul lake and Kyzylkum desert. Continuing horseback riding to the mountain lake Fazylman. Camp #3 near the shepherds’ summer house, located on the south slope of the mountain Kichikfazylman (L=25km, H=1600m).

Day 4
Horseback riding around Fazylman lake the mountain village Sentob. Sightseeing of the ruins of the ancient settlement near Sentob village. Continue horseback riding to the road Jizzakh-Nurota. Camp #4 (L=25km, H=490m).

Day 5
Horseback riding to Aydarkul lake by the south part of Kyzylkum desert. Camp #5 on the south bank of the lake (L=25km, H=250m).

Day 6
A day of rest on the lake, including fishing, swimming and hiking along the bank of the lake. Camp #5 on the south bank of the lake (H=250m).

Day 7
Transfer from Aydarkul lake to Tashkent (L=315km).


  • transfer Tashkent – Safarota village, Aydarkul lake - Tashkent;
  • horses;
  • service of English speaking mountain guide and cook;
  • FB meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner);
  • camping outfit and special equipment (tents, sleeping bags and insulated mats, first aid kit, etc);
  • gas for cooking of meal;
  • OVViG's registration fees (The registration is obligatory for all foreign tourists while staying in Uzbekistan).

Clothing required:
1. trekking boots;
2. wool socks;
3. thermo-underwear (for night time);
4. trekking trousers;
5. sweater;
6. rain coat/waterproof jacket;
7. cap;
8. slippers;

Other stuff:
9. head lighter;
10. camera;
11. personal first aid-kit;
12. hygienic accessories;
13. sunblock cream and sun glasses;
14. rucksack;
15. passport.

Weight restrictions:
The weight carried in horse's bags are critical, therefore we ask that you keep the weight of your clothing and other stuff to a maximum of 10 kg or lighter.


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