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Koksu river trekking


Koksu trekking 2010 Koksu trekking 2010 Koksu trekking 2010 Koksu trekking 2010

Trekking tour along Koksu river

Region: Ugam-Chatcal National Park, Western Tien-Shan, Uzbekistan
Tour duration: 5 days/4 hights
Season: May-October
Tour type: trekking
Total length of trekking route: 57 km

Itinerary: Tashkent - Ugam - Chatkal  National Park: settlement Yakkatut - Koksu river - Koksu gorge - natural boundary Ayrik - settlement Yakkatut - Tashkent

Tour description: Dear travelers! We invite You to make a fascinating trip within Ugam-Chatkal National Park along the mountain river Koksu. The wildness of the gorge, rocks steeply breaking from 1.5 km altitude to the bottom of a grandiose canyon cause undisguised admiration.

Nobody can stay indifferent to the protogenic beauty of mountain ridges with all the year round snow-covered peaks, high-mountainous lakes, mountain rivers, cold springs, shady groves and various kinds of trees and flowers that can be seen only from the certain height above the sea-level.

During the route you will have an opportunity to taste the natural mountain honey. Sweet memories of the Western Tien-Shan nature will always remain in your mind!

Tour program:

Day 1
Starting of tour to the mountain settlement Yakkatut (2 hrs, 100 km). Treking along the Koksu river to the place named Zambot (14 km). Camp #1 on the bank of Koksu river at the mouth of Zambotsay at 1100 m. altitude. Dinner near a fire place.

Day 2
Continue of trekking through Koksu gorge. Wild nature, steep walls. The depth of the gorge-canyon is more then 1.5 km. Entrance to the natural boundary Ayrik. Camp #2 at 1500 m. altitude (10 km).

Day 3
Day of rest. Excursion through the gorge of Ayrik river to Kichkinakul lake (8 km). Observing the fossils of sea animals and plants on the fragments of the rocks. Beautiful sight of Piyezak river (3736 m).

Day 4
Return transition to Koksu river's narrowing place between the rocks which is named "The jump of a snow leopard" (8 km). Camp #3 on the bank of the river in the shady grove, near the stream.

Day 5
Pass to Charvak water reservoir. The end of the route at the settlement Yakkatut (17 km). Transfer to Tashkent. 


  • transfer Tashkent - Yakkatut village - Tashkent;
  • Ugam-Chatcal National Park ecological fees;
  • camping outfit (tents, sleeping bags and insulated mats, first aid kit, etc);
  • FB meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner);
  • rent of horses for carrying of camping outfit and meal;
  • service of mountain English speaking guide, cook, drover;
  • special permit to the nature conservation territory;
  • OVViG's registration (The registration is obligatory for all foreign tourists while staying in Uzbekistan).

Required clothing:

1. trekking boots;
2. wool socks;
3. thermo-underwear (spring/autumn season); 
4. trekking trousers;
5. sweater (spring/autumn season);
6. rain coat;
7. cap;
8. camp slippers;
9. electric torch;
10. personal first aid-kit;
11. sun block cream and sun glasses;
12. toilet set;
13. rucksack;
14. camera;
15. passport.

Weight restrictions:

*The weight carried in horse's bags are critical, therefore we ask that you keep the weight of your clothing and other stuff to a maximum of 10 kg or lighter.

Permitting requirements: 

1. The itinerary passes through the nature conservation area where the special permit demands. The documents for permitting should be submitted in 15 days before the tour. 
2. Copies of the following documents are required for permitting:

  • scanned copy of passport;
  • scanned copy of entry visa.



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