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Paltau valley hiking

  April is the only month of tulips' blooming! Click here to request this tour
Tulipa kaufmanniana Regel Paltau valley Uzbekistan.JPG Tulipa greigii Regel Paltau valley Uzbekistan.JPG paltautulip.jpg apriltulip.jpg
Tulipa kaufmanniana Regel  Tulipa greigii Regel Tulipa bifloriformis Vved Tulipa tschimganica Z.Botsch
Paltau valley Paltau waterfall paltauvalleypicnicinthebirchgrove.jpg.jpg Paltau archaeology
Paltau valley Paltau waterfall Picnic in birch grove "Obi-rakhmat" grotto

Hiking through Paltau valley

Region: Ugam-Chatkal National Park, Western Tien-Shan, Uzbekistan
Tour duration: 1 day
Season: April - November
Tour type: hiking
Total length of hiking route: 12 km
Tulips' blooming best season in Paltau valley: 5-25 April
Kinds of tulips: Tulipa kaufmanniana Regel, Tulipa greigii Regel, Tulipa tschimganica Z.Botsch, Tulipa bifloriformis Vved

Itinerary: Tashkent – Ugam-Chatkal National Park, Paltau valley – Tashkent

Tour description:  Paltau tour passes through the Ugam-Chatkal National Park, which located among the mountain spurs of Western Tian-Shan. The word “Paltau” comes from the Turkic language. Originally it sounded off like “Pulat Tau”, which means “Iron Mountain”. Since ancient times, Paltau has been famous for producing ore rich in iron content. There are still some remains of smelting furnaces, dating back to the Iron Age.

There are various mountain landscapes along the route. At the beginning, the route passes through a canyon to the Paltau waterfall, which cascades from a height of 25 meters. On a hot summer day the splashes of the waterfall gives a welcome relief and renews hikers’ strength. The highest mark of the route is a birch grove located in a valley between high mountains. There, under the leafy shade a national styled picnic serves for hikers. During the rest after the picnic the Red Book of flora and fauna of the Chatcal Nature Reserve offers for reading there.

After the picnic and rest a trail passes through the upper side of the canyon. There appears a spectacular panorama of Paltau canyon, the river flowing along its bottom, as well as a mountain range between Kungyrbuka Mountain and Paltau Peak. Next, the trail comes to a cave, which is the object for speleological researches. A beekeeper lives just in 100 meters before the cave. There is a possibility to taste the mountain honey there.

Obi-Rakhmat grotto – cave settlement of primitive people from the Paleolithic Age is nowadays the worldwide famous archeological site on the route. On the place of excavations a guide provides the lecture about unique discoveries and scientific significance of the archeological site.

Unforgettable impressions are guaranteed! Welcome to Paltau hiking!

 Tour program:

08:00-10:00 - transfer Tashkent - Ugam-Chatcal National Park, Chatcal river (L=100 km, H=900 m);
10:15 – beginning of hiking from Chatcal river;
12:00 - Paltau waterfall (h=25 m.);
12:45 - birch grove (H=1430 m);
13:00-15:00 - picnic and rest;
16:00 – cave;
16:20-16-50 - grotto "Obi Rakhmat", cave settlement of primitive people from the Paleolithic Age;
17:50 – Chatcal river;
18:00-20:00 - transfer to Tashkent. 


Useful info:

 Picnic menu:

Recommended stuff:

1. trekking boots;
2. wool socks;
3. trekking trousers;
4. T-shirt;
5. cap;
6. sun block cream and sun glasses;
7. passport.

Permitting requirements:

1. The itinerary passes through the nature conservation area where the special permit demands. The documents for permitting should be submitted in 30 workdays before the tour. 
2. Copies of the following documents are required for permitting:

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