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Uzbekistan Visa Requirements
Uzbekistan Visa Support / Letter of Invitation (LOI)

According to the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan foreign citizens can enter Uzbekistan or travel through its territory for transit on the basis of entrance visas only.

Foreign citizens can get visas at the diplomatic representations and consular missions of the Republic of Uzbekistan abroad on the basis of the visa support (confirmation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan).

Travel Ornament is a licensed travel agency in Uzbekistan (License №T-0911-14), authorized to provide foreign citizens with Uzbekistan Visa Support or Letter of Invitation (LOI). Travel Ornament can provide LOI for free with the purchase of a tour package only. To obtain Uzbekistan Visa Support please fill up the LOI form and send us through e-mail together with the following documents 2 weeks before arrival:

  1. Filled out LOI for
  2. Scanned copy of passport;
  3. Scanned copy of a letter from the employer with the company seal confirming your employment and
      position (If you are retired or housewife no need for letter);

  4. Scanned copy of the flight tickets or official flight reservation form, if visa has to be obtained upon arrival
      at Tashkent International Airport.

Note: At Tashkent Airport visas can only be issued to those foreign citizens who are arriving from the countries where the Republic of Uzbekistan does not have permanent diplomatic or consular missions.

The visa support application based on the above information will be submitted by us to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan in Tashkent. Period of approval is about 7-10 days. The Ministry telexes approved visa support application directly to the proper embassy or consulate department of Uzbekistan abroad. You have provide to the proper embassy or consulate department together with your visa application the reference (telex) number of the approved LOI, which we send you by e-mail just after approval.

To obtain Uzbekistan entry visa the following documents and information should be submitted to the embassy or consulate department of Uzbekistan abroad:

  1. Uzbekistan Visa support, also referred to as Letter of Invitation (LOI);
  2. Passport, expiry date of which must exceed the visa’s period of validity not less than 3 months;
  3. 2 copies of duly completed visa application form;
  4. 2 passport-size colored photos;
  5. Fee, payable on collection of visa;
  6. Stamped, self-addressed envelope, if applying by post;
  7. Evidence of purpose of a visit;
  8. Confirmation of hotel reservation and details of stay;

The following consular fees should be paid for the visa issuance at the embassy or consulate department of Uzbekistan abroad:

For single entry visas:

  • up to 7 days - $40;
  • up to 15 days - $50;
  • up to 30 days - $60;

For group visas (not less than 10 persons, excluding children under 16 years old):

  • up to 15 days - $15 per person;
  • up to 30 days - $25 per person.

Visa regulations with some countries.

1. A bilateral visa-free regime has been established with Kyrgyzstan (up to 60 days), Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.

2. From February 10, 2018, a visa-free regime is introduced for 30 days period for citizens of 7 countries: Japan, Indonesia, Israel, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Turkey.

The visa-free regime applies to citizens of these countries, holders of all categories of passports (diplomatic, service and civil) planning to visit the Republic of Uzbekistan for up to 30 days, regardless of the purpose of their trip. In order to enter the country, a person must have a valid national passport or another substitute document used for travel to foreign countries.

The visa-free regime does not apply to stateless persons permanently residing in the territories of these countries.

Accordingly, the visa-free regime is valid for 30 days from the date of entry into Uzbekistan. Before the end of the 30-day visa-free stay period, a foreign citizen must leave the Republic of Uzbekistan. Exceeding the 30-day visa-free stay is recognized as violation of the Rules of stay of foreign citizens in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Accordingly, if it is necessary to stay in Uzbekistan for more than 30 days, a foreign citizen must obtain an entry visa to the Republic of Uzbekistan in accordance with the established procedure, corresponding to the purpose of his trip.

3. From February 10, 2018, simplified procedure for issuing tourist visas is introduced for citizens of 39 countries (list is given below), that implies getting visa within two working days, not counting the day of receiving documents, with the cancellation of the requirement to provide a tourist voucher or an inviting legal / physical person in the Republic of Uzbekistan to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Previously, the simplified procedure for issuing visas was available for citizens of Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, Latvia, France, Switzerland, Thailand, Czech Republic and Poland.

Tourists from these countries are given multiple-entry visas for up to 1 month, and representatives of the business community for up to 1 year, without requiring a tour voucher or an invitation from an inviting legal or physical person in Uzbekistan to the Uzbek Foreign Ministry. Visas are issued within 2 working days, not counting the day of receipt of documents.

4. A visa-free regime is established with China, Hungary and Tajikistan (up to 30 days), Vietnam and the Republic of Korea (up to 60 days), Brazil, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Estonia, Kuwait and Turkey (up to 90 days). Citizens of these countries who hold diplomatic passports and are accredited as employees of diplomatic missions or consular offices of their countries located on the territory of Uzbekistan, as well as members of their families have the right to enter and stay without visas for the entire period of work.

5. Uzbekistan and Japan issue visas without consular fees on the mutual basis.

The list of countries whose citizens can use simplified procedure for the issuing of tourist visas since February 10, 2018.

1. Australia 
2. Republic of Albania 
3. Andorra 
4. Republic of Bulgaria 
5. Bosnia and Herzegovina 
6. Canada 
7. People’s Republic of China (including the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China) 
8. Republic of Croatia 
9. Republic of Finland 
10. Hungary 
11. Republic of Greece 
12. Kingdom of Denmark 
13. Republic of Estonia 
14. Republic of India 
15. Ireland 
16. Iceland 
17. State of Kuwait 
18. Republic of Lithuania 
19. Liechtenstein 
20. Luxembourg 
21. Republic of Macedonia 
22. Republic of Malta 
23. Monaco 
24. Montenegro 
25. Kingdom of the Netherlands 
26. New Zealand 
27. Kingdom of Norway 
28. Sultanate of Oman 
29. Republic of Portugal 
30. Romania 
31. Republic of San Marino 
32. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 
33. Republic of Serbia 
34. Slovak Republic 
35. Republic of Slovenia 
36. Kingdom of Sweden 
37. United Arab Emirates 
38. United States of America 
39. Vatican

Note: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reserves the right to deny any application for visa support without providing further explanations or may request additional information.



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