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Ugam-Chatkal national park in Uzbekistan

Ugam-Chatkal national park is the largest one in Uzbekistan. It is the unique natural area which located in the northeast part of the country, just over an hour driving by car from Tashkent. The park was founded at 1990 and covering the area of 574 000 hectares. In 2016 UNESCO declared the Chatkal mountains, which are a part of Ugam-Chatkal national park a World Heritage Site. The territory of the park consists from the mountain ridges of Western Tien-Shan: Chatkal, Koksu, Pskem and Ugam. Peak of Adelunga located in northeast part of Pskem ridge and is the highest one in the national park. Its altitude 4301 meter above sea level. There are two another Central Asian countries which territories bordering with the park: Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. On the bordering territory of Kazakhstan locates Aksu-Zhabagly nature reserve and on the territory of Kyrgyzstan Besh-Aral nature reserve.

Chatkal biosphere reserve inside Ugam-Chatkal national park.  The biosphere reserve was founded at 1947 year. It covers the southwestern part of Chatkal range in the western Tien-Shan mountains and located on the altitudes between 1110 and 1400 meters above sea level. Its habitats include mountain forests, alpine meadows, rocks, river valleys and floodplain groves.

There are a lot of amazing natural and archeological sites on the territory of the park: rock arts - petroglyphs of Kumbel pass, cave settlement of primitive people - grotto Obi-Rakhmat, plateau Pulatkhan, mountain lakes Urungach, Gulkam canyon, Koksu river, Aksarsay waterfall and many others.

There are two recreation areas in the park: Chimgan-Beldersay-Amirsoy ski resorts and Charvak lake.

Chimgan and Beldersay ski resorts have ski slopes and cable-chair lifts, which were constructed in 80-s years of last century. Mountain Big Chimgan is 3309 m high and is the highest mountain in the recreation area.

There is a new constructed modern luxury ski resort Amirsoy, which started to operate in December 2019. The ski resort has the ski slopes of different categories for beginners and professional skiers, gondola lift and a few chair-cable lifts, as well as the restaurants and chaletes for accommodation.

Uzbekistan hiking, trekking, sky resort in Ugam-Chatkal national park

Ski season: December - February
Hotels of Chimgan-Beldersay ski resort

Charvak lake is a man made water reservoir appeared after the construction of the dam which was built at the end of 60-s, beginning of 70-s years of XX century.

It is a gorgeous lake with pure water, surrounded by the mountains with snow capped peaks. Summer is the highest season for the residents of Uzbekistan because of the hot time and period of vacations and school holidays. There are hotels with developed recreational infrastructure located on the shore of Charvak lake. Homestaying is also popular among those tourists who want to see the authentic life of hospitable locals.

Ugam-Chatkal national park in Uzbekistan Charvak lake

Charvak lake best season: April – middle of November
Hotels of Charvak lake
CBT (Community Based on Tourism)/Homestay on Charvak lake 


2023 Fixed Date Guided Excursions to Charvak lake and Chimgan-Beldersay ski resort

Flora and Fauna

Ugam-Chatkal national park has rich flora and fauna. There are over 280 species of fauna in the national park. Among them such animals and birds like snow leopard, Tien-Shan brown bear, mountain goat IBEX, boar, endemic Menzibira marmot, eagle, vulture, black stork, stone partridge. 
A lot of plants in the national park, including some rare and endemic like tulips. 


April is time when the nature wakes up and vegetation starts to bloom. It is the only month of tulips blooming and proper season for the hiking and tulips watching in the mountains. There are 8 kinds of tulips which are in the Red Book of the national park.
2023 Fixed Date Tulips Watching Hiking

The holy pilgrimage places. There is a village Bogustan on the shore of Charvak lake where the great sufi teacher Sheikh Akhrar Umar Vali Bogustani lived and died (1404-1490).

Outdoor Adventures in the national park: Hiking & Trekking, Horse riding, Trout Fishing, Rafting, Paragliding, Motor boating, Scootering and Yachting, Skiing.

Tour to Ugam-Chatkal National Park
4WD Tour in Ugam-Chatkal national park

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