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Uzbekistan mountain Pulatkhan plateau horse riding 2020 fixed date tours

Uzbekistan  mountain horse riding to Pulatkhan plateau in Ugam-Chatkal national park
Uzbekistan  mountain horse riding to Pulatkhan plateau in Ugam-Chatkal national park Uzbekistan  mountain horse riding to Pulatkhan plateau in Ugam-Chatkal national park Uzbekistan  mountain horse riding to Pulatkhan plateau in Ugam-Chatkal national park Uzbekistan  mountain horse riding to Pulatkhan plateau in Ugam-Chatkal national park



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Значки 1(2)   Itinerary: Tashkent – Aksakata river – Aksakata pass – upper reaches of Karaarchasay river – Pulatkhan plateau - Uytosh – Nurekota river – Aksakota river – Tashkent

Ugam-Chatkal National Park, Western Tien-Shan, Uzbekistan

Season:   May - October
Tour duration: 6 days/5 nights
Horse riding distance: 86 km

Pulatkhan plateau locates among the mountain ranges of Ugam-Chatkal national park and boders with Chatkal biosphere reserve. The length of the plateau from West to East is more then 5 km, and from North to South is close to 3 km. The highest point above the sea level - 2823 m. It is the unique natural object, covered by the legends. The enter to the plateau named “Pulatkhan gate” and its wide is enough to pass over for one man only. There is an incredibly spectacular view from the plateau to the surrounding mountains and rivers. It is possible to sightseeing the mountain goats IBEX, endemic Menzbieri’s marmots, eagles and vultures on the plateau.  There are a lot of different medical herbs there. 
During the horse riding the riders can sightseeing a biautiful mountain sceneries, a snow peaked mountains, a wealthy flora and fauna of the national park, rivers and waterfalls with pure water, enjoy the meal round the fireplace on camping, and get the information about the history of the plateau from the experienced guide.  

Значки523(2) Значки 47(3) Значки 51(2) Tour program:

Day 1 
08:00 am - meeting at UZBEKISTAN hotel's parking (pls see the location on the map). Transfer from Tashkent to Aksakata river, Gidjal village (80 km, 2 h). Preparation to horse riding. Horse riding upstream Aksakata river through the confluence with Nurekota river to the garden of beekeeper. Camp #1 on the bank of Aksakota river.
Horse riding start point - 990 m
Horse riding end point - 1393 m
Horse riding distance - 13,6 km

Day 2
Horse riding upstream of Aksakata river to the confluence with Tekeli river. Camp #2 on the bank of Aksakota river.

Horse riding start point - 1393 m
Horse riding end point - 1935 m
Horse riding distance - 14 km

Day 3 
Horse riding upstream of Aksakata river, then upstream Karangur river (the right headwater tributary of Aksakata river) to the Aksakata pass and then through the Mt.Karangur to the headwater of Koraarcha river. Camp #3 near the head water of Koraarcha river.
Horse riding start point - 1935 m
Horse riding end point - 2275 m
Horse riding distance - 7,6 km

Day 4
Horse riding along the ridge of the Mt.Karangur to Pulatkhan plateau. Enjoing the panoramic view of the mountain ranges and Tereklisay river. Camp #4 on the plateau near the spring water.

Horse riding start point - 2275 m
Horse riding highest poitn - 2851 m
Horse riding end point - 2712 m
Horse riding distance - 17 km

Day 5 
Horse riding from the plateau through the peak of the Mt.Karangur . Passing over through the Uytosh to Nurekota river. Camp #5 on the bank of Nurekota river.
Horse riding start point - 2712 m
Horse riding highest point - 2856 m
Horse riding end point - 1725 m
Horse riding distance - 20 km

Day 6 
Horse riding downstream the Nurekota river to the confluence with Aksakata river and then downstream the Aksakata river to Gidjal village. Transfer to Tashkent (L=80km).
Horse riding start point - 1725 m
Horse riding end point - 992 m
Horse riding distance - 13 km

Значки 46(2)   Price per tourist:
Price depends from the quantity of tourists in a group on a fixed date.



  • transfer Tashkent - Gidjal village (Aksakata river) - Tashkent;
  • Ugam-Chatkal national park’s ecological fee, registration in the mountain rescue service;
  • camping outfit (tents, sleeping bags and insulated mats, first aid kit, etc);
  • FB meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner);
  • gas for cooking of meal;
  • service of English speaking mountain guide, horse riding instructor and cook;
  • horses;
  • registration and touristic tax.
6-8 520
4-5 598
3 660
2 880

Значки 1 (5)   Recommended outfit:
1. trekking boots;
2. trekking trousers;
3. windcheater.
4. thermo-underwear (spring/autumn season); 
5. camp slippers;
6. electric torch;
7. personal first aid-kit;
8. toilet set;

Значки 45(2)   Recommended UV protection:
1. cap;
2. sun block cream;
3. sun glasses;
4. neckerchief.

Weight restrictions:
*The weight carried in horses' bags are critical, therefore the riders have to keep the weight of personal clothing and other stuff to a maximum of 10 kg or lighter. 

Map of horse riding route to Pulatkhan plateau

Pulatkhan plateau horse riding

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