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Abdulaziskhan Madrasah


   Abdulaziz-khan Madrassah in Bukhara was erected in the XVII century on the orders of the Bukhara emir Abdulaziz-khan (1614-1683) - the fifth khan of the Bukhara khanate from the Uzbek dynasty of the Janids - Ashtarkhanids. Madrasah is built opposite the Madrassah of Ulugbek and is a pair ensemble with him.
   Due to the richness of the artistic decoration and its significance in the Central Asian architecture, the madrassah of Abdulaziz-khan takes a special place. The platforms are covered in the Kundal technique. This means a multiple painting with gilding on the relief. Also in the exterior finish striking unusual colors. A high portal is remembered by images of fairy birds in the form of semurgus and dragons flying to the sun.
    In terms of planning, the madrasah has a traditional scheme with two floors of hujra around the courtyard and a mosque on the central axis.
     Harmony in the architectural appearance of the madrassah of Abdulaziz-khan is also determined by the unity of the decor in the external and internal decoration. The names of the masters are skillfully encrypted among ornaments: this is the chief court architect Muhammad Salih, calligrapher Mavlyana Muhammad Amin, his son is a master of carved mosaic. The attention of visitors is riveted by the intricate patterns of decorative arches - the iroks in darshan, the mosque and the library. They can be considered for hours, each time getting a new impression and enjoyment from what they see

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