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Historical sights in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a country with a rich history, culture and traditions. The country's centuries-old history is immortalized in architectural monuments and sights. Almost every city has preserved the objects of antiquity, which from generation to generation convey the spirit of that time and the atmosphere of the East.

Sights of Samarkand

Самарканд. Регистан. Узбекистан.


Sights of Bukhara

Бухара. Чор Минор. Узбекистан.


Бухара. Арк. Узбекистан.





Sights of Khiva

Хива - Ичан-Кала. Узбекистан


Sights of Tashkentmadrassah_Kukeldash

Sights of Shahrisabz

Шахрисабз. Ак-Сарай

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