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Bolo - Khauz Complex

Боло Хауз 3

   The Bolo Khauz Complex is located opposite the Ark citadel in Registan Square. The Registan square was formed west of the Ark in the pre-Arab period as a public center of the city, until the 12th century it was built up with administrative buildings of sofas and noble palaces, and later, from the 16th century, the bazaar buildings that were surrounded by circles around Bolo House were filled. They traded meat, croup, paper and ink, cattle, melons and watermelons, and wooden utensils.
The complex consists of a mosque, a minaret and a house (pond). Bolo Khauz means a children's pond. Bolo Khauz is one of the few reservoirs that have survived to this day.
The picturesque mosque consists of a winter building, built in 1712; and the summer aivan of the beginning of the XX century. The mosque, they say, was built by the order of the Emir's wife. There is another version according to which Emir Shahmurad (1785-1800) built it for public prayers, as he liked to be closer to his people. Before the 1917 revolution, the Bolo Khauz mosque was the main Friday mosque in which the Bukhara emir himself prayed.
A small minaret was built in 1917 by Usto Shirin. The minaret imitates the compositions and the brick decoration of Kalyan minaret.

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