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The national currency of Uzbekistan is Sum

he history of the national currency, banknote photos and the current exchange rate in Uzbekistan.

Uzbek sums are the official national currency of Uzbekistan. The letter designation of the Uzbek sum is UZS, the digital code is 860. One Uzbek sum consists to be one hundred tins.

The monetary unit with the name "sum" was introduced in Uzbekistan in 1992. At that time, "sums" were coupons, and it was planned that this payment instrument in the country would be temporary. A year later it was decided to put into circulation the Uzbek currency with the same name - sum. The rate immediately set on the Uzbek currency: 1 unit was equal to one thousand old sums-coupons. In 1994, Uzbek soums became the official national currency of Uzbekistan. Sum-coupon was decided to be called "old sum", and the Uzbek currency that came to replace it was "a new sum".

Uzbek sum is the national currency of Uzbekistan, therefore it is not freely convertible. The national currency of Uzbekistan cannot be purchased before arrival in the country.

The monetary circulation in the country- there are 7 types of banknotes in nominal value from 100 to 50000 sums, and coins - in 50 and 100


 Exchange rates of Central Bank of Uzbekistan

 1 USD = 7787.81 sum
 1 EUR = 9100.06 sum
 1 RUB = 124.54   sum



Across the country you can easily find a variety of currency exchange points. Often, the items are located in hotels and airports. In addition, money can be exchanged in almost all branches of banks. The most common currency accepted by banks and points of exchange are US dollars, euro, Japanese yen, Russian rubles.

Each guest and resident of Uzbekistan should remember that the Uzbek sum is the only currency that can be used in Uzbekistan for transactions, payments, etc. Payment for goods and services in other currencies are illegal.

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