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Islam Khodja Minaret

Islam Khodja Minaret

      As the main attraction in Paris is the Eiffel Tower, or the world-famous Big Ben in London, in ancient Khiva, the main symbol is the Islamic-Hodge minaret. The height of the minaret is 56.6 meters, the diameter of the base is 9.5 meters. The shape of the minaret is narrowed to the top, due to this it seems even higher. This effect is enhanced by horizontal belts glazed facing.

Climbing the stairs to the top of the minaret, you will see a magnificent view of the city with its myriad of adobe houses with flat roofs and enclosed courtyards; a labyrinth of narrow curves of the streets; bright domes and towers of mosques and minarets; a winding chain of ancient fortress walls.
     The minaret was built by the order of Islam Khoja - the prime minister of the khan. It is necessary to pay tribute to Islam Khoja, as he did a lot of useful things for the city. A cotton gin plant, a hospital, a pharmacy, a post office, a telegraph office, and a secular school, in which mathematics, physics, chemistry, natural and humanitarian disciplines were taught, were built on his means.
     Next to the minaret of Islam-Khoja is a madrasah. It consists of 42 hujras and a large domed hall. Mastery of architects can be seen in contrasting combinations of architectural forms, skillfully used in a limited space. The niche mihrab is decorated with majolica and ganch carving. The facade is finished with glaze. The construction of the whole complex was completed in 1910.

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