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Kalta-Minor Minaret

Минарет Кальта-Минор

      Kalta-Minor is a low minaret located in front of the main facade of the madrasah of Mohammed Amin Khan. The name "Kalta" says that the minaret is "short". In fact, it was to become the highest minaret in Central Asia, reaching a height of 70 meters. But in reality the height of the building is only 26 meters with a base diameter of 14.2 meters.
According to the Khiva historian Munis, the minaret was built on the orders of Mohammed Amin Khan, but remained unfinished due to the death of Khan during the military campaign in Turkmenistan in 1855. Since Muhammad Amin Khan was considered ambitious and great-power man, he wanted the minaret to eclipse even the worldwide glory of Kalyan minaret in Bukhara. They decided to build the most grandiose minaret in the entire Muslim East.
This is the only minaret in Central Asia entirely covered with sets of glazed bricks and majolica. From the unique design of the minaret it is difficult to tear off the eye. The middle of the minaret is crossed by three wide ornamental belts. The decoration pattern of the tower is selected in such a way that it seems complete. And the foundation of the minaret goes to a depth of 15 meters. Residents of Khiva are used to such an unusual structure, due to its incompleteness, and today it is difficult to imagine Khiva without this unique building of the XIX century.

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