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"Karimbek" restaurant

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One of the best restaurants among Bek restaurants in Samarkand is the restaurant "Karim Beck". Restaurant "Karim Beck" is a very popular holiday destination among the residents of the city and its guests.The restaurant is conveniently located at the intersection of Amir Timur and Gagarin streets.

The restaurant "Karim Beck" always has good service, nice atmosphere and incomparable coziness. The interior of the restaurant combines European comfort and at the same time eastern pomposity. All this gives the restaurant a feeling of warmth and lightness.

The menu of the restaurant is very diverse. There is the national Uzbek and European cuisine. The most popular dishes here are shish kebab and pilaf. But it should be noted that the chef of the restaurant is also subject to the dishes of European cuisine, which he will cook with pleasure for you. This is a tender chicken fillet stuffed with champignons or a mutton roasted lamb. In the evenings, the restaurant features a show-ballet and live pop music.

The restaurant is divided into a European room, an eastern courtyard and a bar. The hall, courtyard and bar are decorated accordingly, and carry a special style. Also in the bar you will have the opportunity to taste different varieties of Uzbek wines and other drinks.


Adress: Gagarin str., 194, Samarkand
Tel.: (+99866) 2212756
Cuisine: Uzbek, European
Work hours: 08:00 - 23:00


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