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Kukeldash Madrasah


   Kukeldash Madrasah is counted as the architectural complex of  Lyabi Hauz. It was built in 1569 with the initiative of Abdullakhan the II.During Abdulla Khans dynasty the constructed madrasah became a symbol of a strong state. It was named after Kulbaba Kukeltash, a high ranking official & a well-known philanthropist. Under his orders that this madrasah was built.
  The madrasah Kukeltash is one of the largest madrasahs in Bukhara with its dimentions being 80 x 60 meters. It was built according to the traditional scheme of an eastern boarding school. The madrasah has over 160 rooms in the two floors along the perimeter of the two story courtyard.The traditional facades are decorated with mayolics. The main façade facing the LyabiHauz contains a vestibule, a mosque and a study room.
     But the best preserved decoration is in its two rooms. Whats impressive are the dome overlapping of the aisles that lead from the gates in the madrassas to the courtyard.The entrance door is one of the masterpieces of Bukhara woodcarving; its leaves are covered with a network of ten-ray starry gyri with filigree ornament in the fillings. It is known for sure that in the late nineteenth century, a prominent Central Asian writer SadriddinAini was studying at the Kukeldash Madrassah. The construction of the Kukeldash madrassa is, first and foremost, an expression of the style of Bukhara architecture, restrained nobility, and the synthesis of architectural forms.

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