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Lyabi-Khauz Complex


      Most of the people who’ve visited Bukhara, primarily associate it with the monument of Khoja Nasriddin and the lavish Lyabi - Hauz Complex. In the very center there is an exquisite pond surrounded by a pond of monumental statues.
   From the Farsi translation “LyabiHauz” means “By the Pond”. The architectural ensemble of LyabiHauz was created in the 16th - 17th centuries. The ensemble size is approximately 150 by 200 meters. In the Middle Ages, Lyabi-Khauz was a trading area, where it was always crowded.
    In ancient times, on the territory of Bukhara there were a lot of ponds that supplied the population with water, but at the beginning of the 20th century, due to the spread of diseases transmitted through the water, many ponds were drained and covered. Lyabi-Khauz, one of the few ponds that survived due to the complex of buildings surrounding it. The depth of the pond is 5 m. The area is 42 by 36 meters.
Today Lyabi-Khauz square is one of the favorite places for recreation and visiting among tourists and Bukhara residents.

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