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Muhammad Rahim-Khan Madrasah

Медресе Мухаммад Рахим-хана

      Situated to the east of the citadel of Kunya Ark Muhammad Rahim Khan's madrasah is considered to be one of the largest in Khiva and the most famous in Central Asia.
The initiator of the construction of the madrasah was Said Muhammad Rahim Bahadur Khan, known in the people as Madrim Khan II. He had made a great contribution to education and art at that time. The first printed bookshas appeared due to him, and even he himself wrote poems under the pseudonym of Feruz. During his reign, the reform of traditional education was conducted in the country, as a result first schools appeared in Khiva, in addition to studying the Arabic alphabet and reading the Koran, secular science was also studied. Therefore, in the madrasah of Muhammad Rahim Khan, students also studied the art of versification and exact sciences.
The grand construction of the madrasah was completed in 1876. The building of the madrasah can in fact be called grandiose, because it impresses with its size. The total size of the madrasa is 62x50 m, the courtyard is 28x29 m, the courtyard is in front of the madrasah of 20x42 m. It consists of 76 hujras (cells) designed for 152 students, two courtyards, darskhonas (study rooms), winter and summer mosques and a library.
Undoubtedly, the madrasah of Muhammad Rahim Khan occupies a special place in the history of Khorezm, as it is a symbol of enlightenment and art of the late XIX century.

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