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Restaurant "Adras"

Restaurant "Adras" in Bukhara Restaurant "Adras" in Bukhara Restaurant "Adras" in Bukhara Restaurant "Adras" in Bukhara

   The restaurant "Adras" is located in the center of the old part of Bukhara. The restaurant building of the XIX century. refers to the architectural monuments of Bukhara, and protected by the state.
   There is a special performace  which begins everyday in the restaurant-theater at 20 o'clock (8:00 pm) it includes dancing and showing national clothes of the XIX century. This is a feature of this institution. In the theater of fashion at the restaurant "Adras" presents the costumes of the inhabitants of Bukhara, in its traditional form by the middle of the 19th century.
   Another difference between the Adras restaurant is the floury cuisine. It serves lamb chops, appetizing samsa, kuza kabob and many other flour dishes.
   Having visited the restaurant "Adras" you will learn a lot of interesting things about the art of gold embroidery, you will get to see the national clothes of Bukhara, which is distinguished by its luxury, splendor and get to try traditional Bukhara cuisine.


Adress: Sarafon str., 2
Tel: (998 891) 446-60-46, (998 93) 620-00-55


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