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Restaurant "Dastarxan".

Арт-Кафе “Дастархан” Арт-Кафе “Дастархан” Арт-Кафе “Дастархан” Арт-Кафе “Дастархан”

     In the Art Cafe "Dastarkhan" you will nowhere feel the unique face of the fabulous East, which is described by classics in literature and works of art. The interior and exterior of the cafe is designed in the style of the Eastern Renaissance. There is an abundance of warm and soft tones, All this will allow you to plunge into the pleasant, warm and cozy atmosphere of the East, saturated with Uzbek hospitality.

The restaurant serves Eastern, European and Moroccan cuisines. The most favorite and often ordered dishes among visitors are life, Uighur manti and kaurma lagman. Art Cafe "Dastarkhan" is very popular among the townspeople of Samarkand and guests of this amazing fairy-tale city. Visiting the Art Cafe "Dastarkhan", you will be satisfied with the cuisine, live music and hospitable staff of the establishment.
   The cafe provides a children's playground for toddlers. Children will also enjoy a large selection of sweets, fruits and other delicacies.


Adress: A. Navoi av., 25, Samarkand
Tel.: (998 66) 5558888
Cuisine: Eastern, European, Moroccan



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