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Restaurant "Lyabi-Khauz"

1lyabi-hauz 1lyabi-hauz 2 lyabi_house_restaurant Lyabi Huaz

    The restaurant "Lyabi Khauz" is an institution of national Uzbek and European cuisine. The restaurant is located in the center of Bukhara in the complex of the architectural monument Lyabi Hauz.
  Guests of the restaurant can enjoy delicious dishes cooked by skilled chefs, both indoors and outdoors, contemplating the "house" pond.

Enjoying the panorama of the complex, you can taste Uzbek and European dishes that will leave you an unforgettable impression of the oriental cuisine, because each of the dishes in the restaurant is done by the virtuosic masters of their craft and is a kind of work of art.


Adress: B. Nakshbandi str., 100
Tel: (998 65) 224-43-37
Work hours: 09:00 - 00:00


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