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Restaurant "Minzifa"

Restaurant "Minzifa" in Bukhara Restaurant "Minzifa" in Bukhara Restaurant "Minzifa" in Bukhara Restaurant "Minzifa" in Bukhara

  The restaurant "Minzifa" is located in the old part of Bukhara. The windows of the building overlook the main sights of the city. The restaurant is divided into three rooms and a terrace. The restaurant's decor is fully executed in the Uzbek national style.
   The restaurant offers both Uzbek and European cuisine. Visitors can also order diet food. A signature dish from the chef - it is his unique pilaf, which is somewhat different from the traditional Bukhara pilaf.
   In the evening, live music is played in the restaurant, which will undoubtedly brighten up your evening at the restaurant of Minzif. Also in the restaurant shows the performances of the national dance.


Adress: Hudjarushnoy str., 6
Tel: (998 65) 224-61-75
Work hours: 10:00 - 00:00


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