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Restaurant "Silk Road"

Restaurant "Silk Road" Restaurant "Silk Road" Restaurant "Silk Road" Restaurant "Silk Road"

    A small but cozy restaurant "Silk Road" is located in one of the buildings of the city of Khiva. This is a female madrasah Dishan Kala XIX century. The building retained its original appearance, and only a small part of it was reconstructed.
   The interior of the restaurant is made in the old Khiva style. The walls and ceilings are reminiscent of the past, which allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of historical Khiva.
   During the meal, quiet melodic music sounds, which further gives the feel of the East and embraces the Uzbek culture. In the restaurant "Silk Road" you can taste national Uzbek dishes of the Khorezm region. Trying dishes such as kazon kabob, flat cakes with meat, lamb dishes, lagman, shish kebab you will be delighted.
      In the warm season, you can book a table on the summer terrace, where in the evening coolness in the light of stars or in the daytime with the rays of a dazzling sun, a beautiful panoramic view of Khiva opens.


Adress: Gulyamov str., 42
Tel: (998 94) 315-56-78



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