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Said Alauddin Mausoleum

Said Allauddin Mausoleum

   The mausoleum of Said Alauddin is considered one of the most ancient and revered historical places of Khiva. The mausoleum was built in honor of the Sufi sheikh Said Alauddin, who died in 1303.
Thanks to the manuscripts of the KhivanSafarzade it became known that Said Alauddin was born in the XIII century, and was a native of the Khorezm Uzbeks. In his youth, after graduating from the old school, studying in madrassas, he was a mullah who taught children in the old school at the mosque.
The mausoleum of Said Alauddin was built on the initiative of his student Sufi Amir Kulyal. The exact date of construction of the mausoleum does not exist. Presumably the mausoleum was built in the middle of the 14th century.
Up to now, the mausoleum has come to be greatly altered as a result of numerous reconstructions. At first the mausoleum, built in the XIV century, consisted of one room (tomb), then to it was added "ziarathana" (place of prayer) with the portal and the entrance. Almost all the elements of the mausoleum (domes, walls, stepped tromps) are made of clay bricks without exterior decoration.
The shrine of the mausoleum is a magnificent majolica tombstone. The contrast of the modest decoration of the mausoleum and the high colorful tombstone is very noticeable. It seems that the tombstone was brought here from another place. The gravestone is stacked and decorated like a monumental building. The base is executed in the form of a stepped elevation, in the corners decorated with miniature columns. On the facing tiles of the tombstone, a slight relief is stamped. It is painted with a small floral and floral ornament, which goes back to the ancient Khorezmian and Sogdian patterns. Dark blue blue and pistachio colors add freshness to the entire palette.
In 1825, the building was radically restored by order of Allakuli Khan, therefore the current view of the mausoleum refers to the period of the new revival of the architecture of Khorezm (the first half of the nineteenth century).

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