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Sayfiddin Boharzi Mausoleum


     Saifiddin Boharzi Mausoleum is located in the southeastern part of Bukhara, in a locality called in the past Fatahobod. This area at the beginning of the XX century was outside the fortress walls of Bukhara, one and a half kilometers from the Karshi gate.
The mausoleum is associated with the name of the sheikh and the writer-theologian. The Bukharian Sheikh Sayfiddin Boharzi, later named Sheikh al-Alam (Sheikh of the World) recognized by the Mongolian khans, was born in 1190 in Khorasan (Iran). In the cities of Herat and Nishapur he received the usual religious and legal education and soon became a Sufi. Having achieved rare successes in mysticism and having moved to Khorezm, he was accepted among the few murids. Later, S. Boharzi was sent to Bukhara as a tutor and lived here for about 40 and died in 1261.
Saifiddin Boharzi founded the famous khanaka of the followers of the Sufi current "kubraviyya". In Bukhara, Sheikh Boharzi converted the Khan of the Golden Horde Berke to the Muslim faith. In the middle of XIII century. He was the head of the madrasahs in Bukhara madrasahs, founded by the Mongolian dignitary Moslem Maksud-bek.
After the death, the sheikh was buried in Bukhara in the area of ​​Fatkhabad. Above his grave at the end of the 13th century was built a mausoleum. The dome building of the khanaka with the portal was added. This khanaka was the seat of Sufi rituals until the end of the 18th century.
The mausoleum of Sayfiddin Boharzi has impressive shapes and at the same time attracts with its simplicity and clarity. The building has a complex plan - the burial vault-gurkhana, the room of commemoration - ziyerathan. Above them are two domes - large and small. The main entrance is marked by a strong peshtak with three-quarter turrets at the corners. There is no decor either outside or inside. The only rich element in the decorative aspect is a luxurious wooden tombstone of the XIV century, installed in gurkhan.

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