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Sitorai-Mokhi-Khosa Palace


        Sitorai-Mohi-Khosa is a suburban residence of Bukhara emirs, located 4 km. north of Bukhara. The name of the palace is translated as "Palace, like the stars and the moon."
      The building of the palace is divided into old and new parts. The old palace was built under the emir of Seid-Abdul-Ahad-Khan in 1892. Seid-Abdul-Ahad-Khan specially sent a group of Bukhara masters to St.Petersburg and Yalta to study Russian architecture. Using Russian experience, a group of local architects, led by usto Hodja Hafiz, erected a palace combining local and European traditions. Mirrors, tiled Dutch furnaces, crystal chandeliers, a baguette, furniture were brought specially for decoration, decoration and equipment of the palace from Russia.
        The old palace is a traditional three-story complex with one- and two-story buildings in the spirit of Bukhara dwelling houses.
       The new palace, built at Seid-Alim-Khan in 1917, has a pavilion building, contains several isolated courtyards scattered in a vast park, with a rectangular layout of the "chorbag" type: birun - a hall for spectacles, a daran - a reception room, a harem - the main dwelling, khazin - warehouse, hayvonathana - zoo.The new complex is built in European style, but at the same time it is divided into male and female parts. Inside of the building is decorated in oriental style.
     In 1927, the Sitorai-Mokhi-Khosa Palace was converted into the Museum of Decorative and Applied Art. The collection of the museum presents a large exposition of 19th century clothing, Japanese and Chinese porcelain, palace art from Russia, jewelry of famous Bukhara craftsmen, gold embroidered panels and blankets, household utensils of the late XIX - early XX centuries and much more.

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