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Trading domes: Toki-Zargaron, Toki-Sarrofon, Telpak Furushon, Tim Abdulla-han

Trading Domes

      In the Middle Ages Bukhara was a major shopping center. Merchants from all over the world like China, Russia, India, Iran, and all of Central Asia, passing along the Great Silk Road, stopped in Bukhara. Thus, Bukhara began to be built up by bazaars and shopping streets. In the squares and crossroads of the streets, complex multi-vaulted domes overlapping the "current" - the arch, the vault. Today in Bukhara there are 4 trading domes: Toki-Zargaron, Toki-Sarrofon, Telpak-Furushon and Tim Abdullah Khan. All of the four domes are unique in architecture and design.
The Toki-Zargaron dome is translated as "the dome of jewelers". This is an indoor market located at the crossroads of the once busy shopping streets of Bukhara. The dome of Toki-Zargaron was built first in 1586-1587 by Abdulla Khan. The complex was intended for jewelry trade. Previously, there were 36 jewelry shops in the shops selling a variety of ornaments. Today, you can buy souvenirs, painted shawls, household items in the Bukhara style, and just like in the old days various unique ornaments.
The Toki-Sarrophon dome means "the dome changed". It was built in the middle of the 16th century at the intersection of two streets. The dome is located near the Lyabi House complex. People who dealt with the exchange of money were called sarrafs, hence the name of the dome. Today, in modern times, the dome has lost its purpose, and here they sell handkerchiefs, crockery and various souvenirs.
The Telpak-Furushon dome is translated as a "dome of hats and ornaments". This is an indoor market built in the XVI century, located at the intersection of five streets of Bukhara. Here they sold various headdresses: skullcaps, embroidered with beads, brocade and silk, fur fox hats, beautifully rolled turbans. It is known that the trade in headgear here sold books, and the place was called Kitab-Furushon (Kitab meaning book). Today, you may buy beautiful embroidered headdresses in oriental style.
The dome of Tim Abdullah Khan is a covered market in Bukhara, built in 1577 under the Sheibanid dynasty. Here, as well as many years ago, you can buy handmade carpets, painted embroidered with gold kerchiefs, fabrics and silk.

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