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Ulugbek Madrasah


  Mirzo Ulugbek was one of the brightest statesmen, astronomer, scientist of Uzbekistan. He was one of the people who’ve made a great contribution to the development of science and enlightenment. During his many years of studying astronomy, Ulugbek ordered the construction of two madrasahs - one in Bukhara, the other in Samarkand.The Madrasah in Bukhara was built in 1417 and has survived up to our time. It was built by the best architects in Bukhara Najimiddin of Bukhara and Ismail Isfagani.
    The Ulugbek Madrassah is relatively small, but significant in shape. The madrasah building has two floors of hujra (student accommodation), classrooms and a mosque. The facade consists of a portal, two-story loggias and other elements of architecture characteristic of that time. The portal and lancet arches are decorated in a classic style and are surrounded by a majolica harness. It should be noted that the study rooms “darskhana” and the mosque are also remarkably noble in architecture.
   Above the entrance doors of the madrassa weighs a sign with the inscription "striving for knowledge - the duty of every Muslimman and woman".
   Today the Ulugbek Madrassah is considered one of the most significant and beautiful architectural constructions of Bukhara, which stands out for its unusual shape and unique color palette.

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