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What is the climate of Uzbekistan?

The climate of Uzbekistan is continental, the average summer temperature tends to be 40 °C (104 °F), while the average winter low temperature is around −23 °C (−9 °F). Large areas of Uzbekistan are desert (mostly mid-latitude desert).

                                              What is the weather of Uzbekistan?

Summer is from June to August and it is long, hot and dry. From June to August average afternoon temperatures hit 33°C. The average annual maximum temperature is 36°C in the north and 42°C in the south in July. The summer furnace (chilla*) of 40°C lasts 40 days from July to the mid- August. Low humidity.

Spring is mild and rainy. The high touristic season is spring (mid-March to the mid - June). Most rain falls in March and April. The average annual temperature is 20°C.

Autumn (September to the beginning of November) has light frosts and rains.

Winter is from December to February, although short, is unstable with snow and temperatures below freezing. The average annual maximum is -8°C (18°F) in the north and 0°C (32 °F) in the south in December. The worst of winter lasts 40 days (chilla) from the end of December to the mid- February.

*Chilla – hottest period during summer and vice versa most cold weather wintertime in Uzbekistan, which lasts 40 days.


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