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Amir Timur Square

Tashkent sights

       The square of Amir Timur is located in the heart of Tashkent. From here the eight main streets of the city take their origin. Initially it was a small square, and it was called Konstantinovsky. The square exists since 1882. The initiator was MG Chernyaev. But in 1993, after erecting the monument of Amir Timur in the center of the square, he began to be called the square of Amir Timur in honor of the commander and statesman of the XIV century. The monument was inaugurated on August 31, 1993. The author of the monument is the sculptor IlkhomJabbarov. The monument is made of bronze. The great Amir is represented in royal armor decorated with orders and seated on a galloping horse.
Amir Timur was born on April 9th in 1336 in the village of Khoja Ilgar (Yakkabag) near Shakhrisabz (Kesh). His father was Amir Taragay from the tribe of barlas (Mongolian), Takin Khatun's mother was the daughter of a local bek. Organizational talent of the future conqueror and commander began to appear in the 17-18 years, when he participated in internecine and dynastic wars.
The story puts Amir Timur in line with such great commanders as Alexander the Great, Darius I, Julius Caesar. Amir Temur went down in history as a famous military leader, who had not lost any of the thousands of battles, and as a politician who made a great contribution to the building of statehood, the progress of science, education, culture.
After Amir Timur unified the separate regions into a single state, the creation and consolidation of centralized power strengthened the country's economy, handicraft production and trade began to develop, trade and economic ties expanded both with neighboring and distant countries.
The slogan "Justice is not in force, but force in justice," practiced everywhere throughout the state of Amir Timur, has become a moral and spiritual criterion. So on the pedestal of the monument, in four languages ​​its famous motto is engraved: "Strength in justice".
Today more than 50 countries of the world are working scientists-timurovedy. A lot of books are published, devoted to the epoch of Temur and Temurids. The number of serious works dedicated to Amir Timur, created over the past 600 years, in European languages, is 500, and in the eastern languages ​​– 900.
Around the square are administrative and architectural buildings. This is the hotel "Uzbekistan", the building of the law institute (the former building of the women's gymnasium), the museum of Timurid history, the famous Tashkent Chimes and the new building - the Palace of Forums. The area of ​​Amir Timur is a favorite place of rest for citizens and guests of the capital.


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