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"Courage" Monument

monument mujestvo

      While you are in Tashkent, do not miss the opportunity to visit the "Courage" Monument, which is located in the heart of the city near the river Ankhor. The place itself is very beautiful.
      Today the monument is a favorite place to visit for residents and guests of the capital, but how much effort was spent to create this monument and rebuild the city after the ill-fated earthquake that divided the life of the people of Tashkent into "before" and "after".
  The epicenter of the earthquake occurred on the very spot where the monument stands, in the area of ​​the former neighborhood “Kashgar".
        The main composition of the monument is the cube, which splits the crack to the very bottom. On one of the faces is carved the date: "April 26, 1966", on the other is depicted a stylized dial with arrows frozen at the mark: 5 hours 24 minutes. The composition continues with a sculpture depicting the figure of a woman with a baby in her arms and a man blocking them from the impending element. In the background there is a carved bas-relief depicting the landmarks of the construction of the new Tashkent.
   The monument symbolizes the resistance of the inhabitants of Tashkent in the power of an underground catastrophe, as well as the courage that the people possessed at the time of the disaster. People have found the strength to restore the city. But not only the inhabitants of Tashkent rebuilt the city. People from all over the former Soviet Union came to the rescue, and by joint efforts and efforts in 3.5 years Tashkent was completely restored, and new homes were accepted by the first settlers.
     Today, the monument embodies peace, tranquility and prosperity in the houses of sunny Tashkent.


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