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Dorut Tilovat Complex


      Memorial complex Dorut-Tilovat erected in 1370-1438, it includes two mausoleums - Khazreti Sheikh (Shamseddin Kulyalya) and Gumbezi Seyidan, as well as the cathedral mosque Kok-Gumbaz. Dorut-Tilovat means "The place of reading the Holy Quran" or "House for reflection".
This place has become revered for the numerous followers of ShamseddinKulyal. ShamsaddinKulyal was an outstanding religious figure and founder of Sufism, as well as a spiritual mentor of Amir Timur.
From the mausoleum of ShamseddinKulyal only the foundations of the original walls have reached, but now it has been completely restored. It was a traditional type building with a square portal. Inside, there was preserved a large late Sagan, in which fragments of the original tomb were plastered, covered with ornaments and inscriptions. In 1373, at the feet of the sheikh were placed and the remains of Taragai - the father of Amir Temur.

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