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     There is an opinion that the cities are becoming famous due to their famous inhabitants, who made a great contribution to the cultural and economic development of the city. So the city of Shakhrisabz got its fame and significance due to the great commander and statesman Amir Timur.
Amir Timur was born in the village of Khoja-Ilgar near Shakhrisabz. But becoming a ruler, he made Shakhrisabz his residence. And so Shahrisabz is considered the native city of Amir Timur.
      Shakhrisabz is said to be over 2700 years old, and once it was the capital of the ancient state of Sughd. But not always this city was called Shakhrisabz. In ancient times this ever-green city was called Kesh ("dwelling, house, settlement"). And why is it always green? Because that's how the name Shakhrisabz sounds in Persian. Indeed, this amazingly beautiful city appears as an endless green garden, decorated with a scattering of colored lights. Already on the high-mountain pass Takhta-Karacha, leading to the city, you will be simply fascinated by what you saw, presenting yourself on the threshold of an ancient eastern fairy tale.
       The history of the city is rich and interesting. In IV in BC. Alexander the Great subjugated Shakhrisabz, after which the Hellenistic culture dominated. The most famous were the cults of Hercules, Dionysus and Athena. In the I-III centuries AD, the city was in the orbit of influence of the Kushan empire. In the VI century Shakhrisabz became a part of the state of Ephtalites. In 567-658 the Sogdian rulers of the city were subordinated to the Turks. In the 8th century the city was conquered by the Arabs.
     Along with Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva Shakhrisabz is part of the Golden Ring of historical cities in Uzbekistan. He is one of the few cities in Uzbekistan, where several mausoleums of the Middle Ages are concentrated in complex.
      It should be noted that the historical center of the city was recognized as a cultural heritage by UNESCO. This part of the city is literally filled with all sorts of palaces, memorials and monuments. all of them are unique or have a huge historical value. The most famous monuments of Shakhrisabz are Aksaray - the ruins of Timur's palace, the Jahongir Mausoleum, the DorutTilawat memorial complex, which includes the mausoleum of ShaykhShamsad-Din Kulal al-Keshi (Timur's father, Amir Turagay); Mausoleum of Gumbazi-Seyidan (Dome of Seyid) and Kok-Gumbaz mosque (Blue Dome); the remnants of the dynastic tomb of TimuridsDorus-Siadat, including the crypt of Timur. Amir Timur himself is buried in the Gur-Emir mausoleum in Samarkand.
The skill of ancestors, which has survived to this day, has been used in modern architecture, and some of them have remained a mystery to us. So, the composition of the mosaic majolica decorating the portals of buildings has not yet been unraveled, and, despite the time, preserved in all its beauty and uniqueness.

Historical monuments:
Ak-Saray Palace   Ak-Saray Palace  4 Shakhrisabz Kok Gumbaz Mosque   Kok Gumbaz Mosque 
Dorut-Tilovat Complex Shakhrisabz Dorut-Tilovat Complex 5 Shakhrisabz Dorus-Saodat Complex Dorus-Saodat Complex
Crypt of Amir Timur Shakhrisabz Crypt of Amir Timur    

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