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Siab Bazaar

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Bargain in the East - a delicate matter

    The Siab Bazaar is the largest and oldest bazaar in Samarkand. The area of ​​the bazaar exceeds seven hectares. The Siab Bazaar is located near the Bibi-Khanum mosque, Shahi Zinda necropolis and Afrosiab hillfort. Hence the name "Siab".
The building is built in the shape of a dome, under which there are several pavilions with a large number of shopping arcades. The main entrance is a triple arch lined with blue majolica. Starting at five in the morning, the residents of the city go for dried apricots, raisins, almonds, fragrant spices, juicy fruits and vegetables. You will be tempted to try all this before you have time to doubt the reliability of the description. Khan's luxury - gowns and bedspreads-suzane, embroidered with gold, carpets woven by hand - all in front of you.
As you may know, national cuisine is one of the components of the culture of any people. Uzbeks, like no other people, appreciate and respect grain products, thus Samarkand flat cakes are considered to be one of the best among several dozen types of Uzbek flat cakes. It is said that these flat cakes turn out to be so delicious in Samarkand because of the tandyrs (ovens) they are baked in.
On the territory of the bazaar and next to it you will find a teahouse, you may try the exquisite traditional cuisines and the delicious Uzbek dishes and enjoy talking with the locals.

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