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Tashkent Telecom Tower

Tashkent Telecom Tower

       If you wish to see the Panaromic view of Tashkent city then you immediately need to visit the Tashkent Telecom Tower.
       From the viewing area of the tower opens up an amazing view to the city center of Tashkent. You may see the Parlament “Oliy Madjlis”, Hokimiyat, The National Bank of Uzbekistan, the International Business Center, the park along the Bozsu river, the Exposition center. Right under the tower you can easily see the Aqua-park and Tashkent land attraction park. The tower lets you see the city from afar.
     At the same level as the viewing are there is a restaurant Koinot which means Space. It has 2 dining rooms one red and one sky blue colors. Both rooms show rotate on the axis and make a complete turn in 1 hour by showing Tashkent. Visitors may enjoy the Uzbek cuisines inside the tower and eat in an amazing atmosphere.
There are 3 lifts which may take you up to the top of the tower. The height of the TV Tower is said to be 375 meters, making it the highest tower in Central Asia. The tower is even higher than the Eiffel Tower. The site itself is at an altitude of 94 meters. For the stability of the Tashkent TV tower, there are three conical supports with a height of 93 meters each.
The Tower took 6 years to build. Construction began in 1978 and was it was put into operation on 15th of January 1985.
        The 1st floor of the Tower has an exhibition room where the exponent of TV Towers from all over the world are shown.

        The main functional tasks of the Tashkent television tower are TV and radio broadcasting.

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