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The History museum of the Timurs


    The national history museum is called the Timurs because it holds over 5000 exponents which relate to Amir Timur and his dynasty. The History museum of the Timurs was opened in 1996 for the celebration of the 660 year of Amir Timurs birthday. The museum is located at the very city center, near the statue of Amir Timur. 
      The building of the museum is surrounded by eastern  design domes. The building is made up of 3floors, the 2nd and 3rd being dedicated to Amir Temur. The interior is lavishly decorated with marble, columns,with carvings of eastern engravings, cold plated and the building its self is BALDAHIN.
      The museum exposition is rich in archeological, ethnographic and numismatic materials. There are also military ammunition and items that are in the state of Amir Timur along the Great Silk Road. The museum has valuable documents, such as correspondence between Amir Timur and his descendants with European monarchs, skillful miniatures, copies of paintings by Amir Timur, written by European masters of the time. According to the National Agency of Uzbekistan, the museum's fund numbered more than 5000 exhibits.
     A separate room in the museum is occupied by gifts from the guests of the museum. Museum exhibits were demonstrated at international exhibitions in France, the USA, Germany, Austria.
    The Timurid History Museum attracts thousands of tourists, including scholars, historians and cultural figures.

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