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General information about visa to Uzbekistan
Foreign citizens are required to get visa to enter to Uzbekistan or tranzit through its territory. Visa-free entry regime set up for the citizens of certain countries. Also the citizens of 101 countries do not need visa in case of transit of Uzbekistan up to 5 days. Electronic visas to Uzbekistan are available from 15 July 2018.  

Visa-free countries
The following citizens of CIS do not need visa for visiting of Uzbekistan up to 60 days:  Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, KyrgyzstanMoldova, Russia and Ukraine. 
And the citizens of Japan, Indonesia, Israel, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Turkey do not need visa for visiting of Uzbekistan up to 30 days.

Electronic visa
Simplified E-Visa electronic portal is launched by the goverment of Uzbekistan for the citizens of 51 countries. The citizens of the below countries can get visa online. 
First step: fill in the application form;
Second step: getting on e-mail a cofirmation of received application;
Third step: pay a fee of USD 20;
Fourth step: within 3 days receiving by e-mail the electronic visa in PDF format.

The list of 51 countries for E-Visa:
1. Albania 
2. Andorra 
3. Australia 
4. Austria 
5. Belgium 
6. Bosnia and Herzegovina 
7. Bulgaria 
8. Canada 
9. China 
10. Croatia 
11. Czech Republic 
12. Denmark 
13. Estonia 
14. Finland 
15. France 
16. Germany 
17. Greece 
18. Hungary 
19. Iceland 
20. India 
21. Ireland 
22. Italy 
23. Kuwait 
24. Latvia 
25. Liechtenstein 
26. Lithuania 
27. Luxembourg 
28. Macedonia 
29. Malta 
30. Monaco 
31. Montenegro 
32. Netherlands 
33. New Zealand 
34. Norway 
35. Oman 
36. Poland 
37. Portugal 
38. Romania 
39. San Marino 
40. Saudi Arabia 
41. Serbia 
42. Slovakia 
43. Slovenia 
44. Spain 
45. Sweden 
46. Switzerland 
47. Thailand 
48. United Arab Emirates 
49. United Kingdom 
50. United States of America 
51. Vatican

Note: Touristic E-Visa allows a single enter to Uzbekistan, and is valid during 90 days from the date of issue.

Visa through an embassy or consulate
The citizens of the countries which are not in visa-free and e-visa lists need the Visa Support/Letter of Invitation (LOI) from licensed inbound travel agency, and apply for Uzbekistan visa at the embassy or consulate. 
TRAVEL ORNAMENT is a licensed travel agency in Uzbekistan (License №T-0911-14), authorized to provide foreign citizens with Uzbekistan Visa Support/Letter of Invitation (LOI). We provide LOI for free as a part of tour package booked with us. Please choose the tour at: /uzbekistan_tours, or request us a customized tour on 

How to get Uzbekistan visa with LOI:
Please book the tour package and e-mail us the following documents minimum in 7 days before your arrival:
1. filled up application form;
2. scanned copy of passport;
3. scanned copy of a letter from the emloyer with company seal confirming your employment and position (no need for letter in case of retired person or housewife);
4. scanned copy of air ticket or air ticket reservation form, in case visa has to be obtained upon arrival at Tashkent international airport.

Note: At Tashkent international airport visa can only be issued to the foreign citizens who are arriving from the countries where the Republic of Uzbekistan does not have embassy or consulate.

Based on the above information we submit a visa support application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan in Tashkent. MFA in Tashkent reviews the application during 4 business days and telexes an aproved visa support to the embassy or consulate abroad where you intend to obtain the visa. We also e-mail to you the scan of LOI with telex number. Then you can visit the embassy or consulate and collect a tourist visa after submitting:
1. scanned LOI form with telex number;

2. passport;
3. filled up application form;
4. 2 passport size photos;
and paying a consular fee.

The following consular fees should be paid for the single entry tourist visa issuance at the embassy or consulate of Uzbekistan abroad:

For individual visa:

  • up to 7 days - $40;
  • up to 15 days - $50;
  • up to 30 days - $60;

For group visas (not less than 10 persons, excluding children under 16 years old):

  • up to 15 days - $15 per person;
  • up to 30 days - $25 per person.

Uzbekistan and Japan issue visas without consular fees on the mutual basis.

Uzbekistan transit visa
The citizens of 101 countries are permitted to a visa-free transit Uzbekistan up to 5 days. They must transit through the international airports of Uzbekistan and show an air ticket to a third country. 

1. Albania 
2. Algeria 
3. Andorra 
4. Antigua and Barbuda 
5. Argentina 
6. Australia 
7. Austria 
8. Bahamas 
9. Bahrain 
10. Barbados 
11. Belgium 
12. Belize 
13. Bhutan 
14. Bosnia and Herzegovina 
15. Brazil 
16. Brunei Darussalam 
17. Bulgaria 
18. Canada 
19. Chile 
20. China 
21. Colombia 
22. Costa Rica 
23. Croatia 
24. Cyprus 
25. Czech Republic 
26. Denmark 
27. Dominica 
28. Dominican Republic 
29. Ecuador 
30. Equatorial Guinea 
31. Estonia 
32. Fiji 
33. Finland 
34. France 
35. Gabon 
36. Germany 
37. Greece 
38. Grenada 
39. Guatemala 
40. Guyana 
41. Honduras 
42. Hungary 
43. Iceland 
44. India 
45. Ireland 
46. Italy 
47. Jamaica 
48. Kuwait 
49. Latvia 
50. Lebanon 
51. Liechtenstein 
52. Lithuania 
53. Luxembourg 
54. Macedonia 
55. Maldives 
56. Malta 
57. Mauritius 
58. Mexico 
59. Monaco 
60. Mongolia 
61. Montenegro 
62. Morocco 
63. Nauru 
64. Netherlands 
65. New Zealand 
66. Norway 
67. Oman 
68. Palau 
69. Panama 
70. Peru 
71. Philippines 
72. Poland 
73. Portugal 
74. Qatar 
75. Romania 
76. Saint Kitts and Nevis 
77. Saint Lucia 
78. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 
79. San Marino 
80. Saudi Arabia 
81. Serbia 
82. Seychelles 
83. Slovakia 
84. Slovenia 
85. South Africa 
86. Spain 
87. Sri Lanka 
88. Suriname 
89. Sweden 
90. Switzerland 
91. Thailand 
92. Trinidad and Tobago 
93. Tunisia 
94. Turkmenistan 
95. United Arab Emirates 
96. United Kingdom 
97. United States of America 
98. Uruguay 
99. Vatican 
100. Venezuela 
101. Vietnam

Note: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reserves the right to deny any application for visa without providing further explanations or may request additional information.

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