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Travel Ornament provides cultural & historical tours, excursions, hiking & trekking, horse riding, fishing, outdoor adventure, photo and ski tours around Uzbekistan. 
Choose tour below or contact our tour operator to request a customized tour.

Cultural & Historical Tours
Ancient cities of Uzbekistan  

Ancient cities of Uzbekistan/8 days

Uzbekistan - Heart of Central Asia

  Uzbekistan - Heart of Central Asia/14 days

Samarkand Gur-Emir Uzbekistan

  Immersion to the history and culture of Uzbekistan/5 days

Samarkand Gur-Emir Uzbekistan   Historical heritage of Samarkand and Bukhara/2 days
One day tour excursion to Samarkand

  One day tour excursion to Samarkand/1 day 

Sightseeing excursion round Tashkent city

  Sightseeing excursion round Tashkent city/1 day

Charvak man-made lake

  Tour to Ugam-Chatkal national park/1 day


  Tour to the Solar Institute, Ali Mosque & Botanic Garden/1 day

Travel to Zaamin national park in Uzbekistan   Travel to Zaamin national park/2days
Uzbekistan Ecocenter Jeyran    Tour to Ecocenter "Jeyran"/1 day
Hiking & Trekking
Trekking in Uzbekistan mountains. Aksarsay waterfall.   Hiking to Aksarsay waterfall/1 day
Mt.Patandazboshi peak hiking   Mt.Patandazboshi peak hiking/1 day
 Hiking to Paltau valley in mountains of Uzbekistan   Hiking to Paltau valley/1 day
Uzbekistan mountains Mt.Kumbel hiking   Hiking to Mt.Kumbel/1 day
Gulkam canyon, Uzbekistan mountains (3)   Hiking through Gulkam canyon/1 day
Uzbekistan mountains Kumbel pass hiking   Hiking to Kumbel pass petroglyphs/1 day
Hiking to Urungach mountain lakes in Uzbekistan   Hiking to Urungach lakes/1 day
Mt.Big Chimgan Uzbekistan mountains trekking & rock climbing   Mt.Big Chimgan trekking/1 day
Uzbekistan Kumbel pass petrogliphs   Kumbel pass & Khojikent grotto petroglyphs/2 days
April tulips watching hiking in Uzbekistan mountains   April tulips watching hiking/3 days
Beldersay-Charvak trekking in Uzbekistan mountains   Beldersay-Charvak trekking/3 days
photo_2019-05-25_18-12-15  Uzbekistan hiking and homestay in Ugam-Chatkal national park/4 days
Trekking in Uzbekistan mountains   Chatkal mountain ridge trekking/4 days
Trekking upstream Koksu river to a mountain lake Kichkinakul in Uzbekistan   Trekking upstream Koksu river to a mountain lake Kichkinakul/5 days
Trekking to Pulatkhan mountain plateau in Uzbekistan   Trekking to Pulatkhan mountain plateau/6 days
Horse Riding
Uzbekistan horse riding to the Mt.Patandazboshi

  Mt.Patandazboshi horse riding/1 day 

Paltau valley horse riding of Uzbekistan

  Paltau valley horse riding/1 day

Horse riding tour upstream Chatkal river in Uzbekistan

  Chatkal river horse riding/1 day

Horse riding in Uzbekistan mountains Aksakata-Beldersay (4)

  Aksakata-Beldersay horse riding/2 days

Pulatkhan plateau horse riding in Uzbekistan

  Pulatkhan plateau horse riding/6 days

Horseback riding in Nurota mountains

  Horseback riding in Nurota mountains/7 days


Rainbow trout fishing/4 days


  Aydarkul lake fishing/4 days

Uzbekistan Ok-bulok river fishing

  Fishing tour around Uzbekistan/17 days

Outdoor Adventure
Uzbekistan Kyzylkum desert camel riding

  Camel Riding Tour in Kyzylkum Desert/5 days


  4WD Tour in Ugam-Chatkal national park/1 day

4WD expedition to Aral Sea

  4WD expedition to Aral Sea/6 days

Paragliding in Uzbekistan, Ugam-Chatcal national park

  Paragliding on Charvak lake/1 day

Photo Tours
Golden autumn in moutains   Golden autumn in moutains/1 day
Photo tour of sunrise in the mountains   Photo tour of sunrise in the mountains/1 day
Winter Tours to Ski Resorts
Winter weekend tour to  ski resorts  Chimgan and Beldersay   Winter weekend tour to ski resorts Chimgan and Beldersay/1 day

  Skiing tour to ski resorts Amirsoy/Chimgan/Beldersay/3 days

gornolyzhnyye_trassy_chimgan_beldersay   Skiing tour to ski resorts Chimgan and Beldersa/7 days

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