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Horse riding in Uzbekistan

TRAVEL ORNAMENT offers the horseback riding tours in Uzbekistan in Ugam-Chatkal national park and Kyzylkum-Nurota nature reserve. There are one day tours, which can easily be done from Tashkent city to Ugam-Chatkal national park during one day. And there are also a few days horse riding tours with camping on the routes inside the national parks. All horse riding tours are accompanied by an experienced horse riding instructor and pass in a sceneric natural landscapes, were the riders can enjoy the sightseeing of natural beauty of Uzbekistan and to feel the spirit of adventure. 

You are welcome to choose a tour below or to contact our tour operator for consultation. 

Uzbekistan horse riding tour   horsebackriding1.jpg   Uzbekistan horse riding tour
Ugam-Chatkal National park
Mt.Patandazboshi horse riding 
  Ugam-Chatkal National park
Horse riding to Kumbel pass petroglyphs
  Ugam-Chatkal National park
Chatkal river horse riding
Duration:             1 day   Duration:             1 day   Duration:             1 day
Uzbekistan horse riding tour   Uzbekistan horse riding tour   Uzbekistan horse riding tour
Ugam-Chatkal National park
Aksakata-Beldersay horse riding
  Ugam-Chatkal National park
Pulatkhan plateau horse riding
  Kyzylkum-Nurota nature reserve
Horseback riding in Nurota mountains
Duration:             2 days   Duration:             6 days   Duration:             7 days

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