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Uzbekistan 4WD tour in Ugam-Chatkal national park

Charvak lake in Ugam-Chatkal national park
Uzbekistan 4WD tour in Ugam-Chatkal national park Uzbekistan 4WD tour in Ugam-Chatkal national park Uzbekistan 4WD tour in Ugam-Chatkal national park Uzbekistan 4WD tour in Ugam-Chatkal national park


Значки 1(2)   Itinerary: Tashkent – Ugam-Chatkal National Park – Tashkent

Ugam-Chatkal National Park, Western Tien-Shan, Uzbekistan

Tour duration: 1 day
Season: April-November
Car type: Lada NIVA 4WD
Total distance: 215 km

Highlights:  4WD tour inside Ugam-Chatkal national park. The route passes through the various picturesque landscapes and includes sightseeing of the mountain lake Charvak, the rivers flows into the lake, a big waterfall, a birch grove – place for picnic and relaxation, a cave, the grotto "Obi Rakhmat" - cave settlement of primitive people of the Paleolithic Era, where at summer time the archeologists carries out an archeological excavations, the grotto "Khodjikent II" with petroglyphs on rocks, where the ancient hunters had drawn a scene of hunting on Asian IBEX.

Значки 4848(2)   Tour program: 

08:00-09:30 am - transfer Tashkent - Ugam-Chatkal National Park (65 km). Sightseeing of Khodjikent grotto petroglyphs. Sightseeing of Charvak lake. Arrival to Chatkal river. Hiking to Paltau waterfall (h=25 m). Visiting the birch grove (1450 m). Picnic and rest in the birch grove. Visiting of a cave. Sightseeing of the grotto "Obi Rakhmat". 18:00-20:00 pm - transfer to Tashkent.

Useful info:   

  • At summer time it is recommended to start the program at 07:00 am;
  • April is the only season of tulips’ blooming;
  • Summer is the season of the archeological excavations in the grotto "Obi Rakhmat".


  • special permit to the nature conservation area;
  • Ugam-Chatkal National Park's ecological fees;
  • English speaking guide service;
  • picnic (sandwiches, vegetables, fruits, sweets, tea, water);
  • transfer Tashkent - Ugam-Chatkal national park – Tashkent;

Значки 1 (5)   Recommended outfit:
1. trekking boots;
2. trekking trousers;
3. windcheater.

Значки 45(2)   Recommended UV protection:
1. cap;
2. sun block cream;
3. sun glasses;
4. neckerchief.

Permitting requirements:
1. The itinerary passes through the nature conservation area where the special permit demands. The documents for permitting should be submitted in 15 workdays before the tour. 
2. Copies of the following documents are required for permitting:

  • scanned copy of passport;
  • scanned copy of entry visa.

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